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Royal London Plus Life Insurance

Royal London Plus is the new name of the branch of Royal London that deals with insurance policies taken out with Royal London, United Friendly, and Refuge Assurance. Royal London was founded in 1861 as a friendly society and became a mutual life insurance company in 1908. Deciding to become and remain mutual has benefited Royal London because all profits can be reinvested for everyone's benefit.

Royal London Life Insurance

Royal London's Life Assurance plans offers assistance to your family in the event of your death, of course we don't like talking about death but it's a reality of life. Royal London offers help on three aspects with their Life Assurance plans. The plans would replace income that is lost if the insured is the sole earner in the home; this would help out in the short term until another person can find a job. The Life Assurance Plan also helps pay off debts that may have been entered into by the insured to lessen the burden of payment from the family. Finally the plan also helps payment of mortgage so that the bereaved won't need to think about losing their home.

Insurance Source Premium*

*The figures shown above is for a lady aged 30 with a £100,000 life insurance only cover, the lady has normal health and doesn't smoke. The quote's features 25 year level term and sourced on a guaranteed basis, this information is correct as of 2009 September
**48% Savings is derived from comparing and Natwest. Using the formula ((9.80 - 5) / 9.80) * 100%.


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